Roster Instructions & Team Registration

The following will instruct you on the steps to enter your Championship roster online. You must follow these instructions EXACTLY!! If you do not, you WILL NOT be eligible for Championship play in PA or Nationals.
1. Click on Team Registration. This will take you to a login screen.
2. Click on the “Register” word just below the login boxes. This word is in red lettering.
3. This will take you to a log in screen. Enter a username and your email. Click register.
4. You will receive an email with your new password. Go back to the Team Registration page and put your email address in the username box and the password that you received in the password box. Click login and it will take you to the page to enter your roster information.
5. This will become your login information. You will only need this to ask for any changes to be made to your roster.
6. You can only enter one (1) roster per email address so make it right the 1st time!
7. Fill out the form COMPLETELY. If any information is missing you must do it again. You MUST use the calendar for the birthdate.
8. The names of the players are to be first and last names only. No middle names or suffix (Jr., Sr., III) should be entered. Names must match your ID that you will be using for check in at the State Tournament.
9. The information will be sent to us and after we approve the roster you will receive an email with your approved roster attached.
10. If there are any problems with what you have submitted, you will receive an email or phone call explaining the problems and what you must do to solve them.
11. When you receive the approval email with your roster attached, print BOTH pages and get your players to sign it. Fill out the manager section on page 1 and get your District Commissioner or designee to sign the Commissioner section of page 1.
12. Beginning in 2017 all paper rosters must match exactly with your online roster. Anyone not listed online will not be eligible to participate at PA State Championship Tournaments.
If you have not read the 2017 changes for men’s slow pitch, make sure you do. There are several important changes that you may not be aware of.

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